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Council Staff Directory

Scout Executive Ronald M. Gardner, Jr. x225 rgardner@yaac-bsa.org
Field Director Michael Kostic x226 mkostic@yaac-bsa.org
Program Director Todd A. Weidner x230 tweidner@yaac-bsa.org
District Executive - First Capital Joshua Potts x228 jpotts@yaac-bsa.org
Urban Emphasis Program Coordinator Nathan Helminiak x231 nhelmini@yaac-bsa.org
Sr. District Executive - Blue & Grey Daniel Zalewski x229 dzalewsk@yaac-bsa.org
District Executive - Indian Steps Steven Cowfer x227 scowfer@yaac-bsa.org
Executive Assistant Tina Cornellier x224 tcornell@yaac-bsa.org
Accounting Specialist/ Office Manger Deborah A. Sweitzer x232 dsweitze@yaac-bsa.org
Assistant to Field Director Gretchen Weekley x223 gweekley@yaac-bsa.org
Registrar Cindy Trish x233 ctrish@yaac-bsa.org
Receptionist / Program Secretary Meghan Almodovar x221 malmodov@yaac-bsa.org
Scout Shop Manager Carolyn A. Bare x222 cabare@yaac-bsa.org
Camp Ranger - Camp Tuckahoe Scott W. Holbrook x232 sholbroo@yaac-bsa.org
Scout Shop Staff Doris J. Frank x222  
Scout Shop Staff Jean E. Ruth x222  
Scout Shop Staff Melissa Gilbert x222  

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