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Traditional Scouting Programs Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs - An Introduction to Cub Scouting for 1st Grade Boys

Tiger Cubs have been members of Cub Scout packs for years, but the Tiger Cub program has recently been given a whole new look, while keeping its most important elements.  A new advancement plan has been added to create additional challenges and excitement for first-grade boys.

The Tiger Cub program is still a fun-filled, age-appropriate introduction to Cub Scouting.  Tiger Cubs still participate along with an adult partner, and those adult partners share leadership in the Tiger Cub den.

Highlights of the Tiger Cub Program

  • Tiger Cubs and adult partners participate in den and pack activities together.

  • A Tiger Cub den leader coordinates shared leadership among the adult partners in the den.  A Tiger Cub den leader is required if a pack registers Tiger Cubs.

  • Tiger Cubs wear an orange uniform T-shirt, Nos. 83391-96, along with an optional, newly designed blue and orange cap, Nos. 83892-93.

  • The Tiger Cub badge, No. 80369, is earned after completing five achievements grouped in three areas:  den activity, family activity and Go See It.  After completing the rank of Tiger Cub, boys may earn one Tiger Track bead when he completes 10 electives.  There is no limit to the number of Tiger Track beads a boy can earn.

  • Advancement is displayed on a Tiger Cub immediate recognition kit, which is worn on the Tiger Cub belt.

  • The recommended monthly meeting pattern consists or den, family, Go See It activities, and participation in the monthly pack meeting.  Suggested den meeting plans are included in Cub Scout Program Helps, No. 34304D.

  • Tiger Cubs and adult partners work out of the Tiger Cub Handbook, No. 34713, to complete achievements and electives, and plan activities.

  • A complete description of the Tiger Cub program can be found in the "Tiger Cub Program" chapter of the Cub Scout Leader Book, No. 33221A.

  • Each pack should have one or more Tiger Cub dens, each consisting of five to nine boys and adult partners.

  • The Tiger Cub den leaders are members of the pack leadership team and receive support and coaching from the pack committee, which includes the pack trainer and Cubmaster or assistant Cubmaster.

  • Tiger Cub badges should be presented in meaningful pack meeting ceremonies.

  • Tiger Cub dens actively participate in pack meetings and activities.

  • Tiger Cubs and their adult partners are the future of your pack!

Tiger Cub Den Leader Responsibilities

  • Attend Basic Leader Training for Tiger Cub den leaders.

  • Coordinate shared leadership among adult partners in the den.  Get everyone involved!

  • Work with shared leadership to plan den activities focused on the Cub Scout monthly theme.

  • Participate in monthly pack leaders' meeting.

  • Attend the district's monthly roundtable and other supplemental training.  Wear the Cub Scout leader uniform with a newly designed Tiger Cub den leader neckerchief, No. 80880.

  • Present Tiger Cub beads at den meetings in a short, meaningful ceremony.


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