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George Gayman - Portrait of a Lifelong Scouter

“A gentleman walked in with a box two weeks before summer camp and said, ‘You’re the Scoutmaster.’ I got promoted real quick!”

This is how George Gayman describes how he became the Scoutmaster of Troop 49 in Hellam, PA.  The year was 1972, and Gayman had just inherited a lifetime of impacting the lives of young men in the York-Adams Area Council.

Never a Cub Scout himself, Gayman began his Scouting career when his wife, Shirley, signed his son up for Cub Scouting in September 1968.  Shirley was a den leader, but because Gayman was the only one with a truck, he got reeled into Scouting.  As his son, David, moved up in the program, so did Gayman.  Then came that fateful day came when that man dropped a box off at a Scout meeting.  Since then, Gayman has turned a struggling troop around through his dedication to Scouting.  Before he became Scoutmaster, the troop had only graduated one Eagle Scout.  Gayman has graduated 39 Eagles to date, including his son David.  Of his success keeping boys interested in the program Gayman says, “To see a boy at 4’6” come into your troop and he leaves an Eagle at 6’1”, you can really see what you’ve helped to do.”

At age 12, Gayman started working at the  roller rink for 25¢ a day, and hasn’t been without a job since.  He retired from Yellow Freight as a diesel mechanic in 2001.  While his wife was ill, Gayman still found time for Scouting.  Because Shirley got him into Scouting, Gayman has carried on in her memory after her death in 2003. "I retired to take a full-time job Scouting," Gayman jokes.  When he’s not Scouting, Gayman fills in the time as an all-around handyman. 

Philmont Scout Ranch (one of the BSA's premier high adventure bases) is a magical place for many Scout leaders that have made that long journey to Cimarron, New Mexico.  When reflecting on his travels to Philmont, Gayman says, “My wife got me into Philmont.  She said, ‘They’re offering Wood Badge out there, you should check it out.’  I did, and it was fantastic.”  Several years later, Gayman returned to Philmont, and he saw many of the same Scouts there that he saw the first time.  “They remembered me, and I remembered them.  That’s Scouting—we stayed up till 2 in the morning singing songs around the campfire.”

Through the years, Gayman has participated in many national and international Scouting gatherings.  He’s been to five National Jamborees and the 1995 World Jamboree in Holland.  “19 days of fun!” Gayman remembers happily.  In the London stop-over,  Gayman and his charges had so much fun traveling the Underground and eating lunch on the palace lawn, the entire patrol missed the evening dinner.  After traveling to Amsterdam, Gayman has wonderful stories to share.

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