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Remembering to Show Respect for Historic Resources

flags.gif (4424 bytes)Scouting units in the York-Adams Area Council are fortunate to live nearby to the Gettysburg National Military Park and its surrounding attractions, where many important lessons about our country’s history can be learned by today’s Scouts.  Judging by the number of patches, trail guides and trail medals purchased through our Scout Shop, interest and participation in the Gettysburg Historic Trails program continues to be very high.  Scouting groups from throughout the United States travel to Gettysburg to participate in the Historic Trails program.

It is important for Scout leaders to stress the importance of courtesy and respectful behavior by their Scouts in touring on these trails and in the Gettysburg area.  The preservation of historic objects and places along the trails is a responsibility shared by all who visit these areas and Scouting groups need to set an example for others in their conduct.

USA Flag CarrierWhile many Scouting groups conduct themselves with great courtesy and respect when visiting the historic sites in the area, the council office has unfortunately recently received complaints from individuals and groups in the Gettysburg area that Scouting groups are not conducting themselves properly while touring in the area.  Scout leaders should discuss with their Scouts the historic significance of the events that occurred in Gettysburg and how Scouts should conduct themselves at all times.  This is of special importance when touring cemetery areas, including Soldiers National Cemetery and Lincoln Cemetery.  Scouts should not stand, climb, hang on or otherwise deface historic objects and gravestones.

CSA Flag CarrierIn keeping with Scouting’s finest traditions, Scouts should be instructed by their leaders to not be running in these historic areas, avoid yelling and screaming and any other behaviors that would not reflect positively on the Scouting movement.  By following Scouting’s principles of courtesy and respect, our Scouts will set a fine example for others while learning about our nation’s historic events that took place in Gettysburg.


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